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Greg Kolodziejzyk - Endurance Athlete Record Breaker - Algo Lab

Episode Summary

Greg Kolodziejzyk ​In 1985 after graduating from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in engineering, Greg Kolodziejzyk founded Image Club Graphics, Inc, a supplier of content software for the publishing industry. Image Club developed and marketed the largest library of digitized typefaces in the world, licensing many of the fonts from the worlds great foundries. Image Club is credited as being the first company to digitize stock photography which they distributed on CD ROM disc. In 1994, Image club was acquired by Adobe Systems. Major spin-off's credited to Image Club software and marketing innovations, are stock photo industry giants EyeWire, Veer, and iStockPhoto which were all founded by former Image Club employees. In 1986, Greg launched his second company, Sharper Cards, which made and sold printed dental marketing products. In 2003, Greg and his wife and business partner Helen, who was also acting CEO of Sharper Cards, sold the company to their largest US competitor, Smart Health, Inc. After retiring at 33 years of age, Kolodziejzyk completed 12 Ironman Triathlons and qualified and competed at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii by winning 4th place in his division at Ironman Arizona in 2006. He has finished the Boston Marathon, 50 mile ultramarathons, 100 mile ultramarathons, and placed 4th overall at the 2010 San Francisco One Day ultramarathon running 101.8 miles in 24 hours. In 2012, Kolodziejzyk ran the treacherous 75 km long West Coast Trail, solo in 26 hours. In 2014, Kolodziejzyk competed in the MR340 river race which is 340 miles down the Missouri River placing 1st in his division with a finishing time of 57 hours, 12 minutes. Greg completed the Susitna winter ultramarathon in Alaska running 100 miles in 33 hours where nighttime temperatures dropped to -30 degrees. He placed 1st overall in the 2018 Iditasport 100 km winter ultramarathon in Alaska finishing in 30 hours. Greg Kolodziejzyk holds the following world records under the sanction of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association and Guinness Book of World Records: 2006 traveling 1,041.25 km (647.00 mi) setting a new official International Human Powered Vehicle Association, and Guinness world record for the most distance traveled by human power in 24 hours on land. 2006 cycling for 23 hours 2 minutes, Kolodziejzyk completed fastest mega-meter (1000 km time trial) setting an International Human Powered Vehicle Association world record. On September 8, 2008, Kolodziejzyk pedaled a human powered boat 245.16 km (152.34 mi) in 24 hours around a rectangular course on Whitefish Lake in Montana setting a new official International Human Powered Vehicle Association, and Guinness world record for the most distance traveled by human power in 24 hours on water. Kolodziejzyk has been featured on Discovery Channel, on the cover of Popular Science magazine, featured in Men's Journal, Wired magazine, National Geographic, Explore, and the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Guinness World Records book. Greg Kolodziejzyk has been actively trading futures as a proprietary trader for 25 years after he sold his software company in 1994. In 2014, Greg started development of an automated algorithmic trading strategy that incorporated his 25 years of discretionary trading knowledge. In August of 2017, Greg launched a software company called the AlgoLab is a powerful cloud based trading software platform that allows traders to combine Greg’s algorithmic trading strategies with their own custom settings such as bias preference, symbol library and custom risk. Over the next 3 years from August 2016 to August 2019, total funds managed by AlgoLab software customers exceeded $10,000,000. As of July 2019, the AlgoLab software funded “model account” running Greg’s flagship algorithmic strategy called “SuperSystem" has returned over 200%. On July 15, 2019 AlgoLab Capital Management, Ltd. was registered with the NFA as a Commodity Trading Advisor, and Greg Kolodziejzyk was registered as principal and associated person. In the USA, The AlgoLab software product has been replaced by AlgoLab Capital Management, Ltd. managed accounts.

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Race to Alaska .

Greg's Son - YouTube (and more) famous Cody Ko:

Recumbent bike ... indoor training:



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